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Title: Far East and Frisky
Featuring: Peridot and Emir
This cute eastern teen couple setup the camera in their modest bedroom. He slips on a condom and gets right down to fucking her. He starts out missionary and then they spoon fuck to orgasm.
Video Length: 13 minutes, 32 seconds
Title: Cum in the Kitchen
Featuring: Jennifer and Alex
Goofy Alex sets up the camera in the kitchen and then undresses his girlfriend. She gets on her knees and sucks his cock before they lay down a sheet and get busy missionary style right on the kitchen floor. She rides him and takes it doggy
Video Length: 11 minutes, 4 seconds
Title: Anti Penis
Featuring: Carly and Troy
Troy offers his pregnant girlfriend some sweaty cock but she pretends to be over penis until he whips it out in front of her face and she can't help but put it in her mouth. She sucks him off as he uses a dildo on her and then they move to the
Video Length: 24 minutes, 15 seconds
Title: Up To Nothing
Featuring: Andrea and Manuel
Innocent Andrea is just laying on her bed playing with her pussy and her toy when her boyfriend comes in filming. She puts down the toy and he lends a tongue to help her out instead. She returns the oral favor and they move into 69 before he
Video Length: 49 minutes, 20 seconds
Title: Slumdog Teens
Featuring: Peridot and Emir
Young east indian teens experiment in the privacy of his bedroom with their bodies. She immediately knows what to do and gets on her knees to suck his cock. Then she climbs on top and rides it before rubbing a load of cum out of him.
Video Length: 45 minutes, 15 seconds
Title: Ready for School
Featuring: Jennifer and Alex
Alex wants some sex before his girlfriend leaves for school so she puts some waffles in the oven and gives him the wake up call he wanted. He quickly washes up and meets her on the futon where he gets her rolling and bangs her doggystyle.
Video Length: 30 minutes, 10 seconds